Seung Jae "Ryan" Lee
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I am a math major of Princeton University with deep interest in computer science.

I strive to understand the capabilties of computers in influencing human activities and interactions. I am always excited for new projects that use the vast resources available online.


ScratchWork is a collaborative whiteboard app designed for academic collaboration in remote places.

ScratchWork was part of Princeton University's 2017 eLab Summer Accelerator Program.

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Doumi Chess

Doumi is an open-source chess engine written in C++. It uses Negamax with Alpha-beta pruning to perform an in-depth search for the best move.

Doumi implements Universal Chess Interface (UCI) Protocol to play against humans or against other engines.

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FoodMap was a group project for Princeton's COS333 course (Advanced Programming Techniques). FoodMap scrapes the Free Food listserv, an email group that shares free food, parses the food and location, and displays them in a map.

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