Research - Seung Jae "Ryan" Lee

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ReMatch Summer Undergraduate Research Program

This summer, I participated in the ReMatch Summer Undergraduate Research Program. I worked with Matthew de Courcy-Ireland, a graduate student of Princeton University, for nine weeks at Princeton. I conducted research on the field of Markoff Surface, a cubic diophantine equation with an exceptional structure. During the summer, I approached the surface both theoretically and computationally. I analyzed computational data to formulate a conjecture, and I used my knowledge of math to prove the validity of the conjecture.

Currently, the results of the research is being written and will be submitted to a journal for publication.

I would like to thank Professor Peter Sarnak, Matthew's thesis advisor, on meeting with us weekly to provide suggestions and guidance.

Clark Scholars Program

On the Summer of 2014, I went to Texas Tech University for seven weeks to participate in the Clark Scholars Program. Clark Scholars Program is a research program for high school juniors and seniors that gives the students opportunities to conduct research with the faculty members of Texas Tech University. That summer, I worked with Professor Wayne Lewis.

For seven weeks, I met with Professor Lewis and research about Compactifications of the Half Line. The first few weeks were spent learning more about basic concept of topology. Then, the next weeks were spent conducting research. During the final week, I focused on organizing my research to write a report and prepare for a presentation.